Wicked DIY ruby red slippers

This is a fun, easy DIY craft you can make with worn out or thrifted shoes to make your evening out to see Wicked a ruby red success!

Several years ago, we bought our oldest daughter a ticket to go see Wicked with her aunt in another city. My sister-in-law gave her a soundtrack to listen to and they both had outfits prepared, complete with green and black striped stockings. My sister in law had purchased some ruby slippers for herself at a Halloween costume store when everything was being clearanced, but they were too small. I decided to make some my my daughter when I saw her worn-out church shoes in her closet. I just happened to take pictures of the process, so you can learn to make some for yourself!

I stuffed the shoes with newspaper to protect the inside of the shoes before I painted them.

I used Krylon spray paint to paint them. I really didn’t do any prep work. My daughter had worn the outer layer of the shoes off, and it did not adhere very well to the worn off areas when I sprayed the first coat on the shoes.

I let them dry and reposted them with a second layer of paint.

I was getting excited about them already! These were going to make the perfect ruby slippers, I just knew it!

When they were completely dry, I sprayed them with the craft bond and coated them in glitter. I repeated that process of glue and glitter as needed to fill in any sparse areas.

Here they are after the first coat of glitter and craft bond.

And the finished product!

I didn’t remove the newspaper until I was sure they were sufficiently dry and the glitter was fairly well adhered.

Here they are with the green striped tights when she was off to see the show!

And one more with her Aunt, who had bought her own ruby slippers. They looked so great! Did I mention my stepdaughter had long dark red hair? So she was a little like Dorothy, dressed up like the witch, wearing the ruby slippers.

This was such a fun and easy DIY project. I’ve kept the slippers and used them for trunk or treats with newspaper stuffed socks and closed the trunk of my van on them, like the house that fell on the Wicked witch of the West.

Have you ever dressed up to go see a live production? What quick and easy costume pieces could you create out of what you already have? When you use what you have to create what you want or need, your kids will notice and it helps instill a “can do” attitude in them, I believe, and that my friends…is the Divine Art of Homemaking.

XO -Deena

I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are my own.