What I do when my family is sick

Today I’d like to share one simple tip that can help stop that virus from getting recycled over and over. 

If it’s that time of year (not really sure what time of year that would be, in the desert we have a slightly different pattern of living and therefore different times for sickness clusters) and you can’t seem to catch a break, read on. 

You’ve probably pulled out your arsenal and are exhausted from cleaning, laundering, comforting, and catering to everyone’s needs, and maybe you’ve even taken a turn on the virus-go-round. 

I’m going to share a tip that someone gave to me. It is probably not something you’ve tried before, and it is so easy it could change the sickness patterns in your family. 

The simple tip involves a rather ordinary household cleaner, in a place you may never have thought to use it: your dishwasher.

 I’m talking about bleach. 

When the going gets tough witch sickness, I pour some in the bottom of my dishwasher (about 1/4 cup or 60 mL)  before I start a load of dishes. I use my regular detergent, but just in case there is something nasty hanging onto those plastic sippy cups or straw bowls (you know the ones, they often get turned upside down in the dishwasher cycle and then simply rinsed off and …put away without being washed again (and again) trying to keep from having them turn over each time. 

If things like strep can live on your toothbrush, why not in the dishwasher? If you have to periodically clean your dishwasher, it stands to reason that it is not leaving dishes completely germ free with each wash, especially if there is a nasty virus being ciruclated between family members. 

Have you tried this before? Do you have any tried-and-true methods for stopping a circulating virus in its tracks in your home? Comment below and share with our Divine readers! 

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