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DIY Divine Art of Homemaking

Divine Homemaking is really DIY

Hi, I’m Deena, creator of the Divine Art of Homemaking. I’m the mother to seven children, a wonderful blended family including his, mine, and ours. I have a passion for DIY,  no-cost or low-cost home decorating, sewing, drawing, and using my creative abilities. I also love the gospel and it is very much a part of who I am. I’m a runner, I love reading (although at this point in my life I will own that I mostly listen to audiobooks), and much to my children’s simultaneous delight and dismay, I love making up parody songs to sing to them. I do have a dream of working with Weird Al on lyric writing. Ha!

If you love taking what you have and turning it into what you want with a little DIY elbow grease, this is the blog for you. I love the process of taking items from my house and creating an entirely new look for little or no cost. No-cost or low-cost decorating is my favorite past time.


Why Divine Art of Homemaking?

I did struggle with the name of this blog after starting it, because I didn’t feel I could live up to the name. The Divine Art of Homemaking, I felt, is way bigger and more fabulous than I could ever be. But, as I have worked on DIY project after project, taking items and painting or transforming them to give them new life, I realized that is the gospel, and that is what this blog is all about! When you take something that you no longer need or want, and transform it into something beautiful and give it new life, that is the essence of the art of homemaking. That is what makes it divine. It doesn’t come from me to, but from God. He is the author of our lives, and the one who takes our imperfections and flaws (and sometimes takes us from the ashes of our lives), and makes our lives over into something beautiful and exquisite. So, the Divine Art of Homemaking doesn’t mean I’m perfect. In fact, it means that I am hopelessly flawed. Yet by His grace, my life is transformed into something divinely beautiful! You can start at the most basic level and transform your house into a home you love, starting with things you already have! I love shabby chic and Farmhouse decorating styles, and love to create my own Farmhouse chic style to fit my decorating budget as a mother of seven kids…wait, I don’t have a decorating budget as a mother of seven kids. That’s why I’m here! To help you see that you have it in you to create a beautiful home at little or no cost! You can even makeover dollar store items like Little House of Four does so well!

DIY is life.

Laugh with me as I sometimes blunder my way through projects, and even as I humanly declare projects “done over perfect,” as only a mom can do when there’s more project than hours in a day. I look forward to sharing my journey through blogging with you! I am adding to my page and customizing it on a regular basis, and finding joy and humor in the journey.