Redo your old ornaments to create Christmas decor

I have been working on an entertainment unit. I received a free entertainment unit that was for an old tube television, so short and tall for the middle piece. I decided this was my opportunity for a built-in look unit at a fraction of the cost, read: Paint and time. But I digress.

I had an old candleholder that had a black frame and glass centerpiece that had been sitting in my garage for a couple of years without a spot in our house. I took some chalk paint to the frame and decided when I had the shelf space on my entertainment unit, that I would add it back into my decor. So it has been empty on the shelf. I finally finished painting the second unit and decided it needed something christmasy to go inside. Since I’m currently in the mode of create what you want out of what you have, I decided to update some ornaments I was no longer using into decor for the candle holder.

Naturally the wind picked up right as I began, so the ornaments blew around a bit. Yes, I know you can buy these in this color. It’s called losing your job in November. Besides, I thrive on taking what I have and making it into something that I want. It just so happens that as a serial DIYer, I have silver and gold spray paint on hand. At all times. You never know when the opportunity to spray something silver, er upcycle, will come along, okay?

Oh, look there’s other stuff I was painting. I had a small Christmas tree with a red base. Instant update. It had red berries and red foam ornaments with red plastic coating that had chipped off, revealing silver ball ornaments underneath. I pulled off the berries, chipped off the rest of the red plastic coating, and a silver-themed tree was born with just a couple of coats of paint.

I have also taken silver spray paint to the candlesticks pictured above. They were an antique gold with moss-green marbled segments on them. I may be addicted to spraying things silver…

I just placed the ornaments with the hook facing down.

I love these little boxwood plants from Walmart, too. Less than $10 makes them a steal!

When you can upcycle decor you no longer use and turn it into a brand new, no-cost look for your Christmas decor, that, my friends, is the Divine Art of Homemaking.