Office Chair Slipcover DIY

I have an old, blue office chair. It has never matched my office decor, and I have never bothered to try to update it. I recently began teaching sewing lessons to a girl I know, and I didn’t want her sitting on a gross chair, though. I had bought a yard of scrap bin fabric at Walmart, just because it is animal print, and I’ve always wanted an office with white painted furniture and black and white accents. I started by putting the fabric on the seat to see how much fabric I would need to cover it.    I rounded the corners with my scissors, and began sewing on elastic to the underside of the fabric.

To do this, sew a few stitches to the end of the elastic at your starting point on the fabric. This will keep the elastic in place, because you are going to pull on the elastic so that it will gather the fabric as you sew. The end result should be something like this, and resemble a shower cap. I wanted a slipcover I could remove, since I have young kids who require washable surfaces. Here is what it will look like once you’ve slipped it onto the seat. Then I took my remaining fabric and placed the wrong sides against the chair and pinned the edges together, along the top and sides of the back rest of the chair. I didn’t take a picture of this step, sadly. I removed the pinned fabric and sewed it together, following the pinned points as my guide. I turned the fabric inside out and slipped it over the back of the chair. Then I had the dilemma of not  having a large enough piece of fabric to cover the back of the chair. I decided every diva seamstress (Is ‘diva seamstress’ a thing? It should be.) needs a ruffle flounce on the back of her chair, so I used my remaining strip of fabric to create the ruffle.   Using a little tip I learned on Pinterest, I pulled my thread spool out of my machine and held it in my hand while I stitched along the edge of the fabric I was using to create the ruffle. This creates a higher tension in your top thread and gathers the fabric for you. I then sewed the gathered edge to the back of my slip cover. I hemmed the bottom of the fabric on the slipcover, and voila, new diva seamstress chair! Or I need to start shopping for some purple velvet curtains, according to my husband’s coworker. Velvet is the hot trend in home decor for 2017, so the joke’s on him. Ha!