Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

Bathroom + humor = Bathroom humor?

I’ve been wanting to redecorate my downstairs bathroom for a while now, but without spending an arm or a leg. Or anything at all, really. Then when I was talking to my son yesterday, I thought of this phrase and I knew it needed to become part of my bathroom makeover. If you can’t have a little humor in your bathroom, then what fun is life?

Also at some point I expect to remember to take a picture of the project pieces before. So I had this metal wall hanging that was a dark brown and a small, round wood plaque from the craft store, and a square canvas that I had tried and failed to paint the perfect arrows on.

Since I apparently like painting over canvases with white paint I started by painting this canvas white.

Then I sketched out the words using this font from another Monty Python reference I found on Pinterest, and only had to imagine what a few letters looked like:

It might not be coincidental that my 6-year old told me I was a weird mom this morning.

After I painted the canvas white and sketched my letters on (I did measure the canvas. Ten inches square, so I made the lines 2.5″ high and the lettering is 1.5″ high. I just made little marks with a pencil to help me eyeball the letter height and used a quilting ruler.

I realized just using a paint brush wasn’t going to produce the thinner areas of the letters like I wanted, so I just outlined the letters in black sharpie marker and filled them in with black Acrylic Paint.

My little helper painted the plaque black so that I could turn it into a globe.

I used my fancy metallic gold paint to make this a 2D version of this globe I saw on Pinterest and used as inspiration for a branding board I made.

Since i don’t have a thrift store globe and I’m using this in a bathroom on a wall, I figured the 2D version would be perfect.

Maybe I’m the only one, but this makes me laugh because you really don’t expect to see this sign in a bathroom. So I guess that could make me a weird mom.

The metal wall hanging I sprayed with one coat of gold spray paint, then lightly brushed white paint and then black paint over and allowed to dry.

I had it all up on the wall and expected a good belly laugh from my husband…and he couldn’t remember what movie it was from! I had to explain it to him. You read that right, I had to explain a Monty Python scene to a man. My husband. It’s like I don’t even know him. (For the record, he loves Monty python and I like it, but I am not a man so some things just aren’t as funny to me. This, however, I find hilarious in a bathroom.

I guess I missed the mark? You be the judge.