Keto French toast 

I used my favorite keto 90 second mug bread to make French toast today. It was amazing! 

A friend in a low carb recipe group I’m in shared this recipe the other day, and it has changed my keto game! Suddenly sandwiches have come back into my life. I’ve toasted it and made bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches.  So yummy. 

I’ve also used it with Buffalo chicken to make a grilled cheese Buffalo chicken sandwich. Divine. 

Today, I made it into French toast with a side of bacon. This way of eating makes the term “diet” become my favorite word. This diet rocks! 

I am a lazy ketoer, meaning I do not track calories, macros, or anything of the sort. I know the low carb, high fat foods I need, and I stick to those foods. I pay attention to my body and how I feel to discern what is and isn’t working for me. And breakfast works for me, especially French toast! 

I have missed the taste of my favorite foods, but I haven’t missed the way those foods made me feel and look. Keto on. 

Today’s bread was made according to this recipe on Kasey Trenumhowever, since I am lazy, I used shredded Parmesan cheese instead of cheddar, to shorten the cooking to eating time. I use what I’ve got that’s easiest and today’s already shredded cheese was brought to you by Parmesan. 😉 It kinda sounds crazy to use Parmesan cheese in your French toast, but if you’ve ever done keto, you’re used to doing weird substitutions that never would have occurred to you before. (This was not the powdery Kraft Parmesan, but the real Parmesan flakes from Frigo)

This French bread really has the same texture of regular French bread, without the carbs! Add butter and a drizzle or two of sugar free syrup, and you’ll wonder how you ever made it this far without this French toast in your life. This bread is buttery and flavorful, without the eggy flavor/texture most who’ve tried cloud bread complain about. 

Once you get this recipe down, you can get it in and out of the microwave in just a few short minutes, and you’re well on your way to buttery, golden deliciousness. I usually try to coordinate my prep of everything else in my meal so that I don’t spend too much time cooking. 

For keto French toast, I took another egg and whisked it with a dash of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla extract, dipped the sliced bread in it and friend it in a nonstick skillet on the stove, turning once I’d achieved that beautiful, golden brown color on each side. Just top with butter and some sugar-free syrup, eat with bacon (everything is better with bacon), and you have just had the breakfast of your dreams that actually helps you achieve your dreams! I’ve shed 20 pounds since starting this way of eating 11 weeks ago in May 2017. Bacon (and now French toast) really does make dreams come true. Haha! 

This is perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch, if you do intermittent fasting and have a sweet tooth for lunch, or breakfast for dinner! Yeesss!