Easy DIY canvas feather art

I saw a cute feather art canvas at the craft store recently and decided that although it would look adorable in my office, I could make it for a fraction of the cost.

I was right, and I love it even more than the original! It was so easy! Less than 20 minutes to paint. Really!

I started with this cute canvas for $5 (on sale).

I used the hodgepodge of paint I had available, which consisted of a small amount of chalk paint and two acrylic grays I had on hand. The gold paint I had just purchased for a clock makeover last weekend. I had to buy more white acrylic as I have a teenage artist and what’s mine is hers. 😉

I poured some white and the chalkpaint onto a paper plate. Every few strokes I dipped my brush into the gray chalk paint, to give it that wood pallet look like my inspiration piece had.

It didn’t take very much skill or mixing to get the look I wanted. I did overestimate the gray paint needed for the feathers.

Once I finished the edges I got to work on the feathers. I had sketched them out but it had been partially obscured by the paint. I decided to freehand it in the spirit of not having much time to complete my craft.

After I had painted the feathers and they looked roughly like I wanted, I added the gold leaf paint. I made sure I went over it with a heavily loaded brush very slowly a second time so it would deposit as much gold paint as possible and not show the canvas through the paint if possible. I then let it dry for about 5 minutes until I was sure the gold paint wouldn’t run, and stuck it back up on the wall.

Yes. Yes, I had already hung the blank canvas. Impatient much? Maybe. Or I’ve just learned to get my stuff out of reach from my kids. 20 years of “parenting experience” doesn’t just happen over night, but it does always happen when you’re not looking.

Now I’ve got a cute semi-original work of art to hang in my office that I love. My office is currently under my transformative power, and I will be sure to do some posts about the furniture redos and decor when it’s finished. What do you love about your workspace?


16 thoughts on “Easy DIY canvas feather art

  1. Feathers are on trend! I love your work…and you make it seem so easy! The colors in that are beautiful too.

  2. Oh i love crafting <3 There are so simple and elegant! I also would not have thought to use chalk paint! Does this make a difference aside from acrylic?

    1. It didn’t seem to matter since the acrylic paint I was using was flat, and I used mixed the chalk paint with acrylic white for the background.

  3. Oh wow, this is gorgeous, so glad I found your page, might give it a go later as oddly enough I got a blank canvas out today to do some art with xx

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