DIY Rustic Weathered Wood Farmhouse Shutter

I love projects with leftovers. My cute blue pine shiplap table had just two pieces left over from when my husband sliced off the edges lengthwise, and they were sitting in my garage waiting for the garbage can.

First, I used the leftover pieces to sit under the legs of the coffee table, I just propped the table legs up on them to try to minimize the paint on the garage floor.

They got a little bit of paint on them, which I knew would work out just fine for the rustic, weathered look I was going for.

I had recently pinned a cute shutter with a small boxwood wreath on Pinterest, and I realized that these two four-foot pieces of blue pine shiplap would work perfectly to make my very own weathered farmhouse shutter.

I started by busting out my wood saw, and cutting each piece in half. One of the pieces had a saw mark in it, and I was able to hide that with the trim cross piece. I laid out the pieces on my garage floor the way I wanted them to go, and then searched a bit for some wood glue. I just bought some…but it was nowhere to be found.

Then I remembered since I had just done some more garage organizing that I had found a small box of nails that had some tiny finishing nails in it. I went ahead and nailed it all together.

As you may be able to see, I selected a few nails that were too long, and they bent and ate into the wood. Literally #nailingit on the rustic look here.

Once I had nailed the shiplap together in a few spots (I also nailed the short cross piece to the back on the top and bottom of the shutter for extra stability, since my wood glue was MIA), I took my hammer to the shutter to add a few more dents to it.

My rustic farmhouse shutter was ready for chalk paint! Yes, I chalk painted that bad boy.

I used Waverly chalk paint in elephant that I mixed with an equal part of water. My assistant helped me paint one coat on the shutter, we let it dry, and then I sneaked in a little dry brushing while she wasn’t looking with the white chalk paint. Three-year olds can be a little heavy-handed with the paint, okay?

These are the three products I used, along with water to thin the base coat, to achieve the weathered, rustic look of this farmhouse shutter.

Meanwhile, I went and grabbed a wire hanger from the closet (insert Mommy Dearest voice here), and got to work on my wreath.

I had an old faux ivy Bush in my garage, just waiting to be donated to the thrift store, but since this project was currently at a budget of zero dollars, I decided to rescue it and bring it up to date by about 20 years.

I used the wire cutter on my needle-nose pliers to snip off all of the strands of ivy at the base for my wreath.

I used my pliers to twist the ends of the hanger together, after I trimmed the wire to the size I wanted for my shutter. Then, because I really like to move things along when it comes to crafting, I decided to just twist the pieces of ivy around the wreath form, no glue or floral wire necessary.

I just repeated that process of winding the ivy around the wreath, filling in bare spots as I went, until I had used up all of my ivy strands and the wreath was full.

Then I squealed at the cuteness of it all, and went back to my farmhouse shutter, which was already dry and ready for the antique wax. I’ve used the antique wax before and wasn’t too happy with my results, but this time I knew it was going to give me more of the aged look I was going for, just like my inspiration piece had, but without staining. I took a paper towel, dipped it in the wax, and started rubbing it on the shutter. After I was finished I took another very damp (almost wet) paper towel and rubbed off a little bit of wax, so that more of the paint would show through.

That dried super quick, so I added the last piece of wired burlap ribbon to hang the wreath. I used a thumbtack to tack the ribbon into place on top of the shutter.

It turned out so cute, I think! I got the farmhouse chic look I was going for with this weathered rustic farmhouse shutter, and my husband got a happy wife and and a happy wallet, because all of the materials I already had on hand. That is divine decor, my friends! I love being able to turn leftovers into such a great piece to add to the farmhouse chic theme I love.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Adorable! We, also, have some scraps laying around! What a perfect weekend project or a perfect Christmas gift!!