DIY Felt Rose Valentine Heart Wreath

Continuing on my series of DIY decor that is low-cost or no-cost, learn how you can make this DIY felt rose Valentine heart wreath for under $10.





Duct tape

Fabric to cover wreath form


Hot glue

Scissors/hot glue gun.

I started with cardboard from an empty diaper box. I drew half of the heart and cut it out, then used that to trace the other half of the heart. This wreath has a short, squat heart shape to it, but you can cut it to your liking, and it doesn’t even have to be symmetrical, if a whimsical heart is your vibe. I duct taped the two pieces together, and my wreath form was born.

I wanted my wreath to have a 3-dimensional shape to it, so I used craft foam to start off building it up. I used a piece of styrofoam that I had in my craft supplies. (I made this in 2013, so I’m not even sure why I had this random craft foam any more, other than school projects for my kids)

I cut it into pieces as you can see above, and hot glued it onto the cardboard form. Aren’t you glad I documented my processes with photos using iPhone4 long before I ever had a blog? Ha!

Then I used some newspaper that I rolled up and hot glued along the sides of the foam pieces, as seen here.

Then I just duct taped the newspaper onto the wreath form, using a winding pattern with the duct tape all the way around the heart.

I repeated the process around the heart until it was complete. Sadly my duct tape heart wreath form picture was not in my picture files, (sad face) so you’ll just have to pretend you see it in it’s dull silver glory.

I realized my roses would not completely cover the wreath form, so I covered them with some knit fabric I had on hand, which happened to be magenta. It isn’t pretty on the backside of the wreath, but when I made this wreath it was for my old front door, which did not have a glass panel, so no one ever saw the back. I may have to remedy that soon and put some cute valentine’s fabric on the back using a 99 cent fat quarter, just in the spirit of keeping it low or no-cost decor.

The roses were kind of an obsession, I learned to make them using a Pinterest tutorial like this one, (She made a felt heart wreath, too! Coincidence? I think not!) I was desperately wanting a baby girl to make cute felt flowers for, and so this wreath was my outlet. The felt was around 10 cents per sheet at Walmart at the time, and I think I bought maybe 5 dollars worth? Sadly, this is information the pictures do not tell.

The fun part was gluing all of the roses on to the wreath form.

I basically tried to keep them in rows but since not all felt flowers were created equal (by me), this wasn’t an exact science. You also have to have patience for this project, which if you live in snowy/cold parts of the country or are currently house bound with sick kids like me this week, then you are short on patience but have an abundance of time you can use trying to keep from going crazy.

For hanging the wreath I have used pink tulle or just this cute Valentine’s ribbon shown in this photo.

Once it was finally done, it’s like my own gift of red roses to myself every year. DIY decor doesn’t have to cost more than you’d spend to buy it in the store, it can be low-cost or no-cost and gorgeous project that you enjoy for years to come.

XO -Deena