Chocolate-Covered Strawberries – Family Style

If you’re like me, then you usually don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on the actual day if it falls on a weekday or Sunday. I also have seven kids, which makes it much more difficult to have a romantic evening alone on a weeknight. I do love chocolate covered strawberries, and my kids also appreciate being indulged for Valentine’s Day, so enter chocolate-covered strawberries, family style. This is an incredibly easy way to indulge a crowd at a fraction of the cost, rather than buying them at approximately $5 per jumbo strawberry.

Supplies needed:

16 oz container of strawberries (chilled, washed)

1 bag of Ghiradelli Chocolate Chips

3-4 squares of Almond Bark

Wax paper

Steps to heaven in your mouth:

Wash and cut those strawberries (I like to remove the stems and then halve them, so you get more chocolate on the strawberry)

Arrange strawberries closely on wax paper

Melt your chocolate and almond bark

Drizzle on top

Give everyone a fork


This is so simple and a huge success for a large family or a crowd!