About Me

Hi, I’m Deena, creator of the Divine Art of Homemaking. I’m the mother of seven children, a wonderful blended family including his, mine, and ours. I have a passion for DIY, home decorating, sewing, drawing, and using my creative abilities. I also love the gospel and it is very much a part of who I am. I’m a runner, I love reading (although at this point in my life I will own that I mostly listen to audiobooks), and much to my children’s simultaneous delight and dismay, I love making up parody songs to sing to them. I do have a dream of working with Weird Al on lyric writing.

I also have developed a love of all things spiritual. I believe that all things are spiritual, and that is what led me to create the Divine Art of Homemaking blog. I know that we all have divinity within us, and as we connect with our Heavenly Father our spirituality will be brought into alignment with our physical environment. Our homes really are the most important places in our world. We all have talents and abilities within us, and as we work to develop and share those talents, we will find greater harmony and fulfillment in our lives.

That being said, I love humor and I love to laugh. I look forward to sharing my journey through blogging with you! I am adding to my page and customizing it on a regular basis, and finding joy in the journey.